CryptoAid Basics

Using this program instead of a pencil and paper makes it easier to solve cryptograms. You still need to use your mental skills, since it doesn't solve them for you.

After you enter the cryptogram and click the SOLVE button, the program:

Instead of typing in cryptograms, you can:

When the program is run, the TYPE IN CRYPTOGRAM window is opened and an edit field is available to input the cryptogram. You may type it in yourself, import it from the clipboard by clicking on the IMPORT button, or have a random cryptogram placed in the edit field by clicking on the SAMPLE button. Any text in the edit field can be changed with standard text editing methods. When the typing is complete, clicking the SOLVE button (or pressing the ENTER key) opens the SOLVE CRYPTOGRAM window.

The SOLVE CRYPTOGRAM window provides an on-screen scratchpad that aids you in solving the cryptogram.

Within this window, you can: