Cryptogram Solving Freeware:

The place where computers and cryptograms meet.

If you love cryptograms and you have been solving them by pencil and paper, there is a better way...use a computer to do all the dirty work! The centerpiece of this site is a program that will do the job. It's named CryptoAid and it's freeware available at this site.

Read about the program in a section of the program's HELP file.

View a sample SOLVE CRYPTOGRAM window.

The program runs on Windows 9x, ME, Xp and 7. To put the program on your computer, download the Program. Unzip the downloaded file and a folder will be produced. In this folder are a group of files. Run the file "Setup.exe" to install the CryptoAid application. If you accept the default options of the installer, you will find Crypto in the Programs list of the Start Menu.

Some hints and kinks for cryptogram addicts.

Site for jigsaw puzzle addicts.