Cozy Kitchen Done

This 750 piece puzzle was composed of “Larger Pieces” which completely covered the puzzle board when placed face-up. That made it harder to work, but didn’t make it a grinder. The variety of colors and objects helped to solve it. Its finished size was 31.5 x 23.5 inches.

Thatched Cottage Started

This 500 piecer seems to be wooden and I’m calling it a semi-grinder. Its pieces are thin but very stiff, and lock together very tightly. All the pieces are essentially alike, as shown in the above image. That’s the grinder part. The semi part is that the back of the pieces have a capital letter on them. So…if you turn over two of the pieces that “seem” to be connected, you can determine if they are by checking that the letters match at the connection sides. Also, whether the pieces are in the landscape mode or the portrait mode can be checked out by the letters on their backs.