More Redone Puzzles Reporting

Sara and George reassemble the “Vintage Flora” 500 piecer previously done on the Rufer puzzle board on 1/28/2018. They have a custom board of their own to provide enough room to see all the pieces face-up during the solving.

The Bait and Breakfast 1000 piecer mentioned in the 3/25/2018 post has been given to another puzzler, so it’s not available anymore.

Redone Puzzle Solvers Report

Natalie finishes the infamous Paitnik 1000 piecer:
“It was definitely one of the hardest puzzles I have done, although it was not the most hard… I had a great time completing this puzzle.

Nanette finishes the Maui 500 piecer:
“My friend Linda Terry & I did this one. It was fun to reminisce about all the fabulous times we’ve enjoyed in Maui.”

Chocoholic Done

This is the LAST Cobble Hill 1000 piecer that is ever going to be on the solving board.  The other Cobble Hill 1000 piecer (Bait and Breakfast) that was shown on the “Puzzles Next Page” is going to the OVER-DIFFICULT SECTION of the “Solved Puzzle Archive” page. I’m not going to take the Bait and put it on the solving board.

I’m assuming that this puzzle producer uses the same jigsawing process that Ravensburger does (see the 2/11/2018 post) and its pieces will be like the Chocoholic.  From the box cover of the Bait and Breakfast, it looks like all of the sky will have pieces that will need to be placed only by their geometry.  Boo….Hiss

Chocoholic Continues …

Actually, the missing edge pieces were already on the edge, but misplaced.  In a mid-week visit, edgemaster Claire took a look and recognized that two edge locations had a similar appearance and relocated them. Onward towards completion!!

Cards & Chocoholic Continue

Natalie starts her Piatnik Playing Cards 1000 piecer.

The Rufer puzzle table is choking on this Cobble Hill 1000 piecer. There are 3 edge pieces that are hiding in the mass of unattached pieces. Each of them will be inspected for edge placement.  If they’re not found, all of this puzzle’s pieces will find their way back in the box forever!!

Chocolate Strikes Again

This Piatnik puzzle spent a while on the Puzzles Next shelf.  After recently solving the Piatek 1000 piecer of the Playing Cards (see the 1/17/2018 post), this one was made available (without being opened) to Judith recently:

“Speaking of chocolate. Here it is….the most difficult puzzle we’ve ever worked. Everyone gave up except Walter, who specializes in the shapes of pieces, rather than colors. He finally finished it. My daughter said, Get it out of my house! I never want to see it again!“  -  JudithO

I know the feeling.  Natalie Will and Ann Parker also have copies of the Piatnik Playing Cards puzzles.  I’m expecting some photos of their finished puzzles.  I wonder if they will have the same comments about that one?