VillaVista Done

Joan continuing the puzzle after being today’s edge expert. We finished it today.

3 pieces missing….A new low for a Ravensburger Puzzle. This is a 500 piecer.  If it were a 1000 piecer, that would be 6 missing pieces.  The last 1000 piecer done in the Oct 9th Post had 5 missing pieces.  We’re having troubles with missing pieces lately!
This one had the pieces in the traditional sealed plastic bag inside the sealed puzzle box.  When opened, the inner bag had a torn edge.  (see below)  What is the quality control  processing coming to these days?

Western Scarves Finished

A new record for the number of missing pieces in a 1000 piecer,  5.  Of the many 1000 piecers that have been done on the Rufer puzzle table, this one makes a new high in  missing pieces.
This one is going into the trash!! A Google search for the maker of this puzzle cannot find where the producer of this puzzle can be reached to offer feedback.  When finally finishing this one, I was expecting to find some pieces that were not for this puzzle, but there were none.  I wonder what puzzle solver got the pieces that are for my Western Scarves puzzle?