Royally Flushed

It’s finally done!!  This is the hardest to solve puzzle that has ever been on the solving board.  When looking at the cover before opening up the box, I thought it seemed like a reasonable 1000 piecer to continue the latest size trend.  After you notice that there are over 70 cards, some of which have two separate faces, you will be faced with the problem of finding what face a piece is part of…and which way it faces!
The next one is gonna be a 500 piecer.

Card Layout Continues

So many faces. Up and down. Camille is the face expert..if they had names, she’d know them all by now. Maybe now it’s half done. We still have to look carefully at all those pieces within the borders, since many are not yet connected to each other.

Playing Cards Dealt to Board

To start the new puzzling year, The “Puzzles Next” selection was shuffled and this one came to the solving board. This solving session is going to be an orDEAL!  It took about an hour to put the edges in place, and there are still some edge pieces to locate.

Under 1000 pieces a Day

I started this new one that Santa Sue provided yesterday.  I only contributed a few on 12/23 while the crew finished off the last White Mountain 1000 piecer. Camille and I should have this one done this year!!

See the box cover on the Current Puzzle page.

Over 1000 pieces in a Day

On 12/23, the Will Family and Claire and Tom visited for lunch and puzzling. The first choice was the 300 piece US Flag. It was finished in 15:50 minutes, leaving adequate time for another puzzle. The US Flag puzzle was put back in its box before I had time to take the standard “Done” puzzle, but the finished puzzle and the stopwatch in the lower right collage image shows the proof!!

The second choice was the “Remember When” 1000 (maybe!!) piece puzzle.  It was also completed before the end of the day by the crew.


Donuts are Popular

“Thanks for sharing your puzzle. All six of us worked on it — from Brady (5) to grandma (78).” – Judith O.

This puzzle from the “Solved Puzzles Archive” was first done on 9/12/2017 on the Rufer puzzle board and given to Judith recently.  It is also shown on this blog’s header image.